Quast Orthodontics strives to offer the latest technological advances for you, improved treatment outcomes, and comfort.  Quast Orthodontics has made a substantial commitment to R+D and advanced cutting-edge office technologies.  Included in our most recent upgrades are:

CBCT Ultra-Low Dose (Cone Beam CAT Scan) has been installed in the office.

Dr. Quast has waited to purchase this machine until the x-ray dose was substantially lower.  This state of the art advanced machine delivers 3D CAT scans at a radiation dose equal or less than conventional orthodontic radiographs required for treatment.  This eliminates costly and inconvenient referrals out of the office to gain optimally diagnostic information.  In terms of radiation exposure, this machine delivers much more information at radiation doses comparable to traditional films.  The radiation dose of a full-head exposure at ultra low-dosage is only 18 microsieverts versus traditional films at 21 microsieverts.  A CAT scan at the hospital can be thousands of microsieverts.

Intraoral Scanner
Our intraoral scanners reduce or eliminate conventional alginate impressions, which increases patient comfort.

Facial Scanner
3D facial photos for best evaluation of the facial contours and balance

Ortho TADs
TADs are temporary implants that can move teeth to reduce the need for extractions, permanent teeth enamel removal, or jaw surgery to make space to resolve crowding or to correct a bite.

If the length of time in braces is holding you back from treatment, Wilckodontics may be for you.  Using a combination of oral surgery and traditional orthodontics, you can get the beautiful, straight smile you’ve always wanted sooner than you ever thought possible.  Teeth can be moved approximately four times faster, meaning a greatly reduced treatment time.