Early treatment is considered orthodontic treatment performed before all the permanent teeth have erupted while baby teeth are still present. During this transition from baby to permanent teeth the patient’s jaw and face are actively growing.

Space maintenance: For early loss of primary teeth (baby teeth). The baby teeth can be important in maintaining arch length and room for erupting permanent teeth. Early loss of baby teeth may lead to “drifting” of teeth which can crowd or block the eruption of permanent teeth.

Underbite: May be caused by a deficient upper or an excessive lower jaw bone. Orthopedic treatments undertaken while the jaws are growing are most effective. These treatments help reduce the need for jaw surgery later.

Crossbites: Dental crossbites are most commonly caused by an underlying jaw bone imbalance. Typically, the upper jaw is too narrow or too far back. Optimal correction is done before the sutures of the upper jaw bone fuse while the patient is still growing.

Eruption Problems: Teeth erupting into the wrong position or into adjacent tooth roots.

Early screening for orthodontic problems allows any recommended treatment to be done at the optimal time. This can create better outcomes for the patients. Not every patient benefits from early treatment.

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