Six Elements of Orofacial Harmony

Dr. Quast practices the “6 Elements of Orofacial Harmony“, as pioneered by Dr. Larry Andrews. The “6 Elements of Orofacial Harmony” emphasizes enhancing oral facial harmony and balance as a priority in addition to straightening the teeth and optimally aligning the bite with the jaw joint.

Dr. Quast believes that the “6 Elements” is the best diagnostic and treatment system in use today. The treatment decision that a doctor makes are dependent upon the diagnostic criterion that is utilized. Orthodontists use different diagnostic criteria in terms of landmarks and referents from which to evaluate and determine their diagnosis and treatment plan. This can result in producing different treatment plans for the given patient. Dr Quast believes that the “6 Elements” is the best available diagnostic system overall to produce optimal orofacial harmony and the best cosmetic result for the patient.