Leah is the office manager as well as the insurance and account specialist in our office. She graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a degree in Business Administration, and she is married with three daughters and two sons. She has been with Quast Orthodontics since 2008, when she worked as a sterilization technician. She then took two years off to finish school and returned full time in January 2010 as the front desk coordinator and was quickly promoted to office manager. She loves the orthodontic field; she says that teeth have interested her throughout her entire life. Leah truly enjoys her work in the business and management sides of the practice. In her free time, she loves spending time with her children and family, as well as watching sports, especially the Bengals (Who Dey!). She recently decided to go to graduate school for leadership and expected to graduate in 2017. She also has a passion for sports, especially volleyball, which she coaches during the fall season. In fact, Leah played the libero position on her college volleyball team!


Mandi is our clinical supervisor who has worked with Dr. Quast since 1999. She brings many excellent talents to this practice, both in the clinic and the lab. She is in charge of training all of our clinical employees. Because of her experience in the field and her completion of several continuing education courses, Mandi is a seasoned pro in our office. She especially enjoys working with patients, and one of her favorite procedures is putting in fixed retainers. She is married with two sons and one daughter. She is very family-oriented, and she loves attending her boys’ basketball games. One of her other hobbies is singing.


Jon has worked for Dr. Quast since 2008 as a clinic assistant, IT specialist, and head DJ for our office playlist. His favorite part of the job is working with patients, and he is even a previous patient of Dr. Quast! Before he started working at our office, he was an air traffic controller and pilot in the Army. In his free time, he enjoys being active by cycling and playing tennis. He is also very musically talented – he plays piano and guitar.


Chris has been the lab technician at Quast Orthodontics for nine years. He was married in June 2013, and he recently welcomed a baby girl. Throughout his career, Chris has completed several continuing education courses, such as those in soldering, wire bending, pontic design, and Essix production (as part of a BioStar course). He is also a huge UK and Bengals fan, and he loves music and going to concerts. He is also a great athlete, enjoying sports such as sand volleyball, billiards, tennis, and bowling.


Carol has worked part-time in the Accounting Office at Quast Orthodontics for six years. She is married with two children, and she lives in Crittenden. In her free time, she enjoys line-dancing, which she has done for fifteen years.